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Are the APC temperature probes calibrated?


Are APC temperature or humidity probes calibrated?

Product Line
  • Environmental Monitoring Sensors
  • NetBotz Sensors

  • All applications

  • Users may want to attempt to calibrate their probes but he calibration of an APC  probe is assured by design. See below for further information.


The Quality Assurance Test is our final factory test which is a verification of the calibration, but not a calibration. The unit cannot be calibrated; there are no adjustments. We verify it to tighter specs than the published specifications. The verification is only done at one temperature and humidity point, in a stable environment, against a traceable, calibrated laboratory measurement probe. The APC probe is not intended to be a laboratory instrument, it is designed to be adequate for the environmental management of a data center, computer room, wiring closet, etc.


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