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    Complying with U.S. Department of Transportation (DOT) Shipping Regulations for Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries
    ... ones used in APC UPSs, are ... All the batteries APC ships meet the requirements of UN Number 2800 (""Batteries, wet , non-spillable""). ... ""Non-spillable batteries are not subject to these regulations if, at a temperature of 55 degrees C (130 degrees F), the electrolyte will not flow from a ruptured or cracked case and there is no free liquid to flow and if, when ... Since APC's batteries meet this exception, they are not subject to the dangerous goods regulations.
    Guidelines for installation of an acsc100, or acsc101
    temperature , filtration, and moisture loads. ... If necessary, contact the APC technical service department at 1-888-695-6500 ... While APC is not responsible for damage incurred ... For more detailed information, refer to the APC Receiving and
    Cable length for APC Temperature Sensor - AP9512TBLK
    Issue Cable length for APC Temperature Sensor - AP9512TBLK
    Are the APC temperature probes calibrated?
    Issue Are APC temperature or humidity probes calibrated?
    What sensors are supported by the NetBotz Wireless Sensor Pod 180 (nbpd0180) ?
    ... Switch Sensor for APC Racks - 12 ... Switch Sensor for APC Racks - 62 ... 50 ft nbes0302 APC Temperature Sensor - 13 ft AP9335T APC Temperature & Humidity Sensor ... (Only reports temperature when connected to ... nbpd0180 AP9335TH NetBotz Temperature
    Video: How do I Change Language & Regional settings on my Symmetra PX 250-500 UPS?
    Issue: How to Change Language, date format & temperature unit settings on the APC Symmetra™ PX 250/500 UPS.
    InfraStruXure Central does not read some sensor names if changes are made after initial discovery.
    ... of a user input contact, output relay, or temperature /humidity sensor is changed after initial discovery of the APC device, ISXC ...
    E-mails from StruxureWare Data Center Expert show in Celsius regardless of preferences.
    When StruxureWare sends an automatic e-mail for temperature , it forwards on the specific data sent by the APC Network Management card.
    Use of Smart-UPS and Back-UPS with GFI (GFCI) Receptacles or Breakers
    APC does not manufacture any UPS or Surge devices designed for use in wet /damp applications.
    After upgrading firmware on my APC AP8XXX series Rack PDU, the input voltage reads 1V
    If you are unable to upgrade immediately for some reason, APC Rack PDU engineering ... reducing the ambient temperature , or power cycling the entire ...
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