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PowerChute Business Edition v10.0 Agent UI does not launch

The PowerChute Agent web user interface (UI) does not launch using Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

Product Line:
PowerChute Business Edition v10.0

Google Chrome v
70+ and Mozilla Firefox v64+


Launch the PowerChute Agent UI in an alternative browser (e.g. Microsoft Edge). Upgrade the Java version used by PowerChute to OpenJDK v11.0.1, available to download on the OpenJDK website.

When the Java upgrade has successfully completed, launch the PowerChute Agent UI in Chrome or Firefox.

NOTE: This issue has been resolved in PowerChute v10.0.1.

*** If you are experiencing an issue with PowerChute Business Edition 10.0.2, please review Schneider Electric FAQ 000208439 Cannot access the PowerChute Business Edition version 10.0.2 Agent web interface.

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