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    A Power Outage can occur anytime, anyplace.

    Are you prepared? Explore causes, consequences & protection strategies to prevent or mitigate a power outage

What causes a power outage?

A power outage can have many different causes- extreme weather, human error, equipment failure, supply/demand issues etc. Home owners and businesses need to prepare for and mitigate power outages as part of their business continuity planning which should include a reliable power backup solution, data backup & recovery, as well as a plan of how to resume operations.

Power Protection Strategies

Common technology applications for personal (eg. computers, gaming consoles, etc) and professional use (eg. office IT solutions) require a high level of power quality to work properly. Surge protection or an uninterruptible power supply, can shield these electronics and their data from these common power events.

Power Outage! What next?

Believe it or not, contacting your local utility should be the first thing you do once you experience a power outage. Utilities are better able to pinpoint the source of a power outage by the number of reports they receive from a specific geographic area.

  • Consequences of Power Outages for Businesses

    When the power goes out, you know you’ll experience inconvenience. But if a power outage affects your business, the impacts can be devastating. Aside from data loss or corruption, collateral damage like your business’s reputation are at stake, so you cannot afford to be unprepared.

    Discover what else could happen when the power goes out
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  • Now you see me….

    You’re working from home and ready to give your pitch during the big meeting when suddenly, the power goes out! Don’t worry, a UPS has you covered, or so you thought…

    Solutions to protect your home or business from a power outage

    From surge protection to an uninterruptible power supply(UPS), APC has a wide variety of solutions to help you prepare for and protect you from the damaging effects of a power outage.

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    Additional Resources

    A wide variety of resources and content are available to help you minimize the impact of power outages on your environment. From blog posts to white papers, identify what works best to keep your critical applications up and running!

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