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Configuring Active Directory authentication within StruxureWare Data Center Expert (DCE)

Product line:

StruxureWare Data Center Expert (DCE)

  • DCE version 6.X to 7.X
  • Active Directory (AD)


Adding an AD Server and Users/Groups

1) Define a user within your AD server that you will use to make the connection between DCE and your AD server.
NOTE: You may want to ensure that this user is set with a password that does not expire.  If the password expires, you will be unable to log in using an AD account to the DCE server until the issue is resolved.
2) Within the DCE client, go to: System menu > Users and Device Group Access.

3) Select the Authentication Servers tab.

4) Select Add Authentication Server...
- Provide a label for the AD server.
- Enter the IP address of your AD server.
- Under Server Type, select Active Directory.
- Select Next.
5) For the Bind User DN, you will need to enter the path to the AD server user location in a specific format.  Details on syntax can be found in FA158395.
- The Bind User will need to have access to read the AD server structure to pull the user information into DCE.
- You may need to contact your AD server administrator to acquire the information.
6) Enter the password for the Bind user that has been defined within the AD server.

7) Enter the search base of where the groups and users are located in AD.  Select Next.
NOTE: If you are going to be adding an AD group, the users, and the group must be located within the search base.
8) Check the boxes for the users and user groups.  Select Finish.

Adding/Removing Users and User Groups to an Existing Authentication Server Connection

1) Within the DCE Client, go to: System menu > Users and Device Group Access > Authentication Servers tab.

2) Select the main Authentication server and then select Edit Authentication server.

3) Select Next twice and then select the additional users and user groups you would like to provide access to DCE.

4) To remove a user or user group uncheck the associated box.  Select Finish.

For configuring users or user groups, see knowledge base FA299420.
For troubleshooting AD connection or AD user authentication issues, see knowledge base FA158395.
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