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Firefox 3.0 hangs when viewing my Netbotz appliance through basic view

Published date: 22 July 2020

Firefox 3.0 hangs when viewing my Netbotz appliance through basic view

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NetBotz basic view using Firefox 3.0


Firefox has discovered an issue that makes the basic view of the Netbotz appliance incompatible with Firefox version 3.0. This incompatibility is regarding the multi-part push style connections which the Netbotz appliance firmware utilizes for displaying video in basic view. As a result, when a user changes resolutions, cameras or Frames Per Second (fps) parameters, the connection between the NetBotz appliance and the computer hosting the basic view, will get slower and slower until finally, Firefox stops responding or the Netbotz appliance stops sending an image stream. To recover from such a condition, the user must close Firefox to free up all the hanging connections.


Firefox has verified this is an issue and it is being tracked at the following Mozilla URL =>

How can I work around the issue?
Currently there are (3) ways to work around the issue that Firefox 3.0 has created.
(1) Use the Advanced View software that is available from the Netbotz appliance itself.
(2) Use another type of browser other than Firefox 3.0 (e.g. Internet Explorer 7).
(3) Use a version of Firefox prior to 3.0.


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