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How to set self test day and time on Symmetra UPS products

How to set self test day and time on Symmetra UPS products
Product line:
Symmetra PX, Symmetra PX2, Symmetra LX, Symmetra RM
All Product models 160KVA and below, all serial numbers
The self test interval can be set by the user, but the day/time of the test cannot be programmed.
Two actions will reset the counter for the self test interval.
1) A UPS load on command.
2) An adjustment to the self test interval setting.
*note that running a manual self test will NOT affect or set the automatic self test timer.
You would like your self test to run every two weeks on Tuesday morning around10 AM – a time you are likely in the office.
Suggested method example:
On Tuesday, at 10am, change the self test setting
(esc) to main UPS menu
Setup (enter)
Other (enter)
Self test (enter)
(up/down) change to never (enter)
(enter again) change to 14 days (enter)
Your UPS self test should now run 14 days from this day and time.
*in the Symmetra PX 48, 100, 160 kVA the menu path is:
UPS -> UPS Configuration -> Other -> Self test
*the self test schedule (interval) can also be adjusted through the network interface.
Remember that anytime the UPS is commanded on, this timer will also reset.  If an extended power outage causes your UPS to fully drain batteries and shutdown, the self test day/time will be reset to when the UPS is turned back on. Also, if your UPS was turned off while in maintenance bypass for a repair, upon restart the self test counter would also be reset.  For either of these scenarios, you will need to reset the counter as described above at your chosen day and time.

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