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Can I change the individual batteries inside of a Smart-UPS replacement battery cartridge?


Can I change the individual batteries inside of a Smart-UPS replacement battery cartridge?

Product Line:

Smart-UPS, Smart-UPS Online


All models, All Serial Numbers


Many Smart-UPS models use replacement battery cartridges that are comprised of multiple individual batteries inside of a single metal or plastic enclosure. Some customers may attempt to recondition these modules rather than purchasing a complete Replacement Battery Cartridge.


APC Replacement Battery Cartridges are intended to be replaced as a complete unit. The modules contain multiple sealed lead acid batteries connected via a wiring harness/fuse assembly. Depending on model, some units also include temperature sensor(s) and communication controllers. All of these components are designed with a duty cycle equivalent to one battery life cycle. They are not intended to be used with multiple sets of replacement batteries and must be replaced at the same time as the battery modules. Replacement battery cartridges must always be replaced as complete modules. All  APC brand Replacement Battery Cartridges include entirely new components and meet all factory specifications. 

The use of modified or third party replacement batteries voids any remaining manufacturers warranty, the Equipment Protection Policy, and the UL or CE certification of the UPS System. 

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