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How to install the PowerChute Business Edition Agent “self-signed” security certificate to a browser.

The PowerChute Business Edition Agent has a “self-signed” security certificate. This means that when you access your Agent installation, your browser will display warnings about the validity and security of the Agent site.

PowerChute Business Edition

Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge

The security certificate is self-signed


Install the security certificate to the browser.

See attached PDFs for instructions. NOTE: If using Internet Explorer 11 or above, see Schneider Electric FAQ Video: How to add PowerChute security certificate to Microsoft Internet Explorer 11

For assistance with replacing the Self-Signed SSL Certificate in PowerChute Business Edition Agent versions 10.0.2 and above see Schneider Electric FAQ Replacing the Self-Signed SSL Certificate in PowerChute Business Edition versions 10.0.2 and above

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