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Stacking limitations for single phase Symmetra and Matrix products

What stacking options are available with the single phase Symmetra and Matrix family of products?

Product Line:
Symmetra and Matrix UPS

All serial ranges

Symmetra LX products in tower form factor were designed with the capability to stack them to achieve a smaller footprint.


When stacking Symmetra LX products, please follow these guidelines:

- One (1) SYBFXR9 can be stacked either above or below a 8kVA or 16kVA Symmetra LX chassis using the attached instructions.

- Two (2) SYBFXR9 can be stacked together using the attached instructions.

Although instructions are provided for these stacking options, APC always recommends the use of its field service group to complete these procedures.

Please Note: APC offers Symmetra LX Tower systems with integrated XR battery cabinets (ex. SYA16K16PXR) which require no assembly. If possible, please consider this option before purchasing the Symmetra LX UPS.

Symmetra Power Array Products:

The UPS and batteries can be stacked up to 62" high. Possible configurations include:

1 SY4KEX on bottom, 1 SYXR4 on top

3 SYXR4's can also be stacked on top of each other.

Please Note: Do NOT stack anything on top or below a SYXR12 12-Battery XR Cabinet or SYMSTRF 16kVA UPS Systems. 


Matrix Products:

The UPS and batteries can be stacked 36.6"" high. Possible configurations include:

2 SmartcellXRs stacked together

1 SmartcellXR on bottom, 1 MX3000PE/MX5000PE on top

1 MX3000PE/MX5000PE on bottom, 2 Smartcells (not XRs) on top

Please Note: Do NOT place a SmartcellXR on top of a MX3000PE/MX5000PE


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