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NetBotz 250 | Physical Description

Published date: 20 May 2020

   Physical Description of the NetBotz 250.

Product Line:
   NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 (NBRK0250)

   NetBotz Rack Monitor 250 (all versions)


Physical Description

Item Description
1 AC line inlet Input power connection.
2 Switched Outlet Provides power to a device at a maximum of 10 A. Activates a connected device when configured events occur. (For example, a fan may be connected to this outlet, and the outlet may be configured to turn on when a high threshold violation occurs for a temperature sensor.)
3 Wireless Sensor Network USB port with NetBotz USB Coordinator (NBWC100U) installed. Used with included Wireless Temperature Sensor (NBWS100T) to monitor temperature. Additional wireless sensors can be purchased separately. 
4 Rack Access Ports Ports for the door switch sensors on doors #1 and #2.
Ports for the handle sensors (NBHN125 or NBHN1356) on doors #1 and #2.
5 Beacon Port Used for connecting an alarm beacon (AP9324).
6 Universal Sensor ports Used to connect APC by Schneider Electric sensors and third-party dry contact sensors. Third-party dry contact sensors require a Dry Contact Cable (NBES0304).
7 USB Port Used to connect USB devices to the appliance.
8 Voltage Output Provides 12 Vdc or 24 Vdc (75mA) to a connected device.
Relay Output Used for connecting relay-controlled external devices.
9 10/100 Network Port Provides the connection to the network. Status and link Light-emitting Diodes (LEDs) indicate network traffic. See Link LED and Status LED for additional information.
10 A-Link Ports Used to cascade NetBotz Rack Sensor Pod 150s (NBPD0150), or connect Temperature/Humidity Sensors with Digital Display (AP9520TH). Provides communications and power using standard CAT-5 cabling with straight-through wiring.
NOTE: To cascade multiple devices, connect a supplemental power supply (100-240 Vac/24 Vdc, part number AP9505i) to a NetBotz Rack Sensor Pod 150.
11 Modbus RS-485 port Provides the connection to a building management system using the Modbus protocol.
12 Console Port Used to connect the USB A-USB mini B configuration cable, when configuring initial network settings.
NOTE: See knowledge base FA381239 for instructions on configuring the network settings (TCP/IP) and knowledge base FA381275 for instructions on installing the required FTDI VCP driver.
13 Power LED Indicates whether the unit is receiving power (blue = receiving power; dark = not receiving power).
14 Reset button Restarts the Rack Monitor 250 network management interface.

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