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Audio Sensor Reading for Version 2 Appliances does NOT Correlate to Decibel Level

Published date: 22 July 2020


Audio Sensor Reading for Version 2 and Version 3 Appliances does NOT Correlate to Decibel Level

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NetBotz Version 2 and 3 Appliances


Audio sensor readings information


For NetBotz version 1 (300/300B/310/400) models, each unit (1...11) in Audio task represents 20 dB.

For version 2 (320/420/500) models and version 3 (355/450/455/550/570) models, the audio level (1...100) does not have directed a correlation to a dB level other than the higher the range the higher the dB of the noise detected. This is due to the fact that the NetBotz devices have a Voice Discrimination logic that will focus the sensor listening in a frequency range that alarms produce audio at. Also the configuration of the audio sensors is dependent on the deployment of the devices. Since the audio level being detected is in relation to the location of the device it requires the user to configure the sensor levels thresholds based off of the actual audio alarm levels and compare them to the normal room noise level.

It is very difficult to measure dB since the room environment can have an effect on the noise level. To test audio sensors on NetBotz 320/420/500 appliance, the suggested method for setting audio is to view the audio graph over a period of time to see the bounds to set a trigger for.

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