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PowerChute Network Shutdown - Shutdown Procedure for VMware vSAN with vSphere 7.x

Extra steps are required for vSAN shutdown with vSphere 7.x

PowerChute Network Shutdown v4.3 and above

VMware vSphere 7.0 with vCenter Server 7.0 and above

When carrying out a cluster-wide shutdown using maintenance mode with “No Action” or skipping maintenance mode, there is a risk that some data may become unavailable if a failure occurs during a cluster start up. See https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/60424 for more information.

To reduce the risk of data unavailability, some extra steps are needed during the shutdown sequence for vSAN with vSphere 7.x. The full shutdown procedure is outlined here – https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/70650

PowerChute Network Shutdown does not disable HA or run the extra command line functions by default.

PowerChute command file and SSH actions can be used to run the extra command line functions required when shutting down.

Additionally, for vSphere 7.0 Update 1, VMware Cluster Services (vCLS) should be temporarily disabled. Enable VM Prioritization and add all User VMs to a priority group except for the vCLS VMs. vCLS VMs are named vCLS (<number>). Configure a 0-second duration for VM Shutdown and VM Startup for the Un-prioritized group. This ensures that the vCLS VMs will not be shut down or powered off by PowerChute.

It is best practice to deploy PowerChute outside the vSAN cluster so that all hosts can be placed into maintenance mode prior to being shut down and so that the reboot helper script can be executed. Delay Maintenance Mode should be enabled in PowerChute. If PowerChute must be deployed in the vSAN cluster, then Skip Maintenance Mode must be enabled. If there is the possibility that PowerChute can be deployed to local disk on one of the ESXi hosts, then Delay Maintenance Mode can be used – all hosts except the one running PowerChute will be placed into maintenance mode.

Please follow the instructions in the attached document for details on how to configure PowerChute to run the attached scripts when shutting down a vSAN cluster.

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