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APC PowerChute Business Edition v10.0: Secure 64-bit application

PowerChute Business Edition

APC PowerChute Business Edition v10.0, builds on the secure UPS management offered by v9.5 along with additional improvements, giving a definite reason for our WW customers to update. Here are a few of them, - Updated PCBE application from 32-bit to 64-bit & 64-bit OpenJDK support (prompted by the Oracle announcement of free 32-bit Oracle JRE End of Life by Jan 2019) - JRE update mechanism built into PCBE for future JRE updates - Import and apply the configuration, schedule settings for ease of multiple/mass installations - Combine and download debug, event logs, summary information for troubleshooting support - Support for language selection (English, Simplified Chinese, Japanese) in web UI With the PowerChute Business Edition v10.0, support for 32-bit Operating system is being discontinued. To experience the 64-bit APC PowerChute Business Edition v10.0, download it from https://www.apc.com/pcbe.

PowerChute Business Edition - APC
Part Number: SFPCBE100

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