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What communications cable is needed with my Smart-UPS and PowerChute Business Edition?
940-0625a or 940-1525A (smart signaling serial) 940-0128d ( simple signaling serial) SmartConnect SMT, and SMC*
PowerChute Business Edition Agent fails to connect using simple signaling on RHEL 5.x due to SELinux access policy
PowerChute Business Edition (PowerChute) Agent cannot communicate with UPS using a simple signaling cable .
Can I use a serial connection for shutdown when I have a Network Management Card installed in my SU, SUA, SURT, or SUM series Smart-UPS?
To shutdown a device via simple signaling serial communications while also using a Network Management Card: 940-0020 Simple Signaling cable
Why does a Smart-UPS turn off when a standard serial cable is attached?
Smart- UPS , serial, cable , serial cable , smart signaling , simple signaling
"On Battery" status when using Isolated Extension Cable (Part # AP9825)
... the Isolated Extension Cable with a Simple Signaling device, such ... card, Share UPS , or Back ... 940-0023 cable is installed between ... the Isolated Extension Cable .
Why would I need to use the 24VDC adapter when using the APC Isolated Extension Cable?
... system running PowerChute plus in simple signaling through an Isolated Extension Cable (IEC) ... to power the UPS End Unit of the IEC.
Do I need to use a 24VDC power adapter with the Isolated Extension Cable?
... a system running PowerChute in simple signaling through an Isolated Extension Cable (IEC) ... to power the UPS End Unit of the IEC.
Video: Troubleshooting no communication between UPS and PowerChute Business Edition
No Communication with UPS Troubleshooting Communications on Windows ... are using serial communications , check a ... using the serial cable that came with the UPS and b) ... port on the UPS to the serial ... ... are using USB communications , make sure that the USB cable that came with the UPS is connected from ... port on the UPS to the USB ... The serial communications cable is not a ... RS-232 cable and differs depending on the UPS type. For USB communications , the cable must be USB ... Some UPS devices have both ... ... Edition with no UPS attached, and ... UPS Type UPS Model
Serial communications between Smart-UPS VTs, Galaxy 3500, and Symmetra PX with IBM AS/400, i Series
... configure Smart- UPS VTs, Galaxy ... ... 3-phase UPS systems. ... has a AP98275 cable kit, they ... ... not make ANY cable connections to this ... ... to set a UPS to ‘never ... *Available UPS Signalling Options for IBM ... ... 3-phase UPS ) ... a Smart- UPS VT, Galaxy ... -phase supported UPS , please follow ... ... SmartSlot of the UPS . If the UPS has two or ... Install simple signaling card part number ... ... needed and your UPS only has one ... port of the UPS and install the ... ... the proper serial cable * between the ...
Which SmartSlot accessories are supported by the Galaxy 3500 (g3500) UPS?
... (g3500) UPS ? ... Facility 3 Phase UPS ... the Galaxy 3500 UPS (g3500) ... ... with the g3500 UPS . ... with the g3500 UPS . ... in the g3500 UPS . ... in the g3500 UPS . ... front panel/ UPS door will not ... ... and extend the cable to the ap9600 ... -1500 serial cable . This communication cable can be routed ... top of the UPS . ... SmartSlot in the UPS frame. ... a 10' cable . This communication cable can be routed ... top of the UPS . ... make your own cable , using the ... 25 pin extension cable .

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