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NetBotz Rack Access POD 170/171 | Manual and Installation Guides
NetBotz Rack Access Pod 170 (for Chatsworth GlobalFrame rack )
NetBotz appliance configuration resets to default with Rack Access pod connected.
If a NetBotz Rack Access pod 170 label is changed, subsequent HID card swipes will cause increasing corruption on the NetBotz appliance.
How to I monitor NetBotz alarms using Modbus?
In this case, I am using Rack Access Pod 170 (03)
NetBotz | Can I change the address on a NetBotz A-link sensor pod or rack access pod?
NetBotz Sensor Pods (nbpd0150 & nbpd0155) NetBotz Rack Access Pod (nbpd0170)
Is the AP9361 (Netbotz Rack Access PX - HID) compatible with VX racks?
The NetBotz rack access pod (nbpd0171) uses the same handle as the AP9361 and it too is incompatible with the VX racks .
NetBotz 750 | Physical Description
... A-Link ports Provide communications and power to connected devices (sensor pods , rack access pods , and temperature/humidity sensors with ...

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