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Can I mix old and new batteries in a Smart-UPS?
... example, an APC Smart-UPS SRT 5000 system with an external battery pack would take one battery cartridge for the UPS and two battery cartridges for the external battery pack .
What are the various generations of Smart-UPS Products?
... of single phase Smart-UPS Products? Smart-UPS ... a variety of Smart-UPS products in use ... ... Over the years APC has steadily improved ... ... refer to the apc .com product ... for your specific UPS . Current Products: ... generation Line Interactive Smart-UPS products 750va - 3kva Standard Run battery only Enhanced battery management ... Serial Port on UPS ) Smart -Slot for installation of APC Accessory Cards ... generation Line Interactive Smart-UPS products 750va - 3kva ... intelligent extended run battery packs Enhanced battery management ... Serial Port on UPS )
Video: How do I replace the apcrbc140 or RBC44 battery modules in my SURT or SRT series Smart-UPS?
Environment: All SURT/ SRT models 3kva or larger, All Serial Numbers
How do I install or troubleshoot an srt002, srt003, srt009, or srt010 Battery Extension Cable?
Resolution: APC offers two extension cables for use with SRT series Smart-UPS :
Discontinuation of Replacement Battery Cartridge 44 (RBC44)
is backwards compatible with the Smart-UPS On-Line ... SURTD products from 3kva to 20kva, ... the New Generation SRT products from 5kva ...
Will my Smart-UPS RT UPS turn on without batteries?
Will my Smart-UPS RT UPS turn on without batteries ? ... Smart-UPS Online ... No, the Smart-UPS SURT family (10kva or less) requires working batteries to be connected in order to turn on. SURT 15kva and 20kva and all SRT models can turn on with or without functional batteries . ... Allow the batteries to charge if there has been a recent outage. Otherwise, replace the batteries as needed. Contact APC Tech Support for further assistance if necessary.
What are the features of the switched outlet groups on my SMT, SMX, or SRT Smart-UPS?
Next Generation Smart-UPS have switchable outlet ... Smart-UPS , Smart-UPS Online ... SMX, and SRT models, All ... All Smart-UPS SMT, SMX, and SRT units have the ... ... outlets on the UPS ... /SMX/ SRT units will have ... ... back of the UPS and the group ... ... screen on the UPS , PowerChute Business ... ... , or a UPS event such as ... overload or on battery condition. Some APC Back-UPS ... Smart-UPS devices do not ... ... for your specific UPS or the following ... APC Application Note # ...
What is the expected life of my APC UPS battery?
We do not reccomend using your APC Smart-UPS /Back-UPS as a portable power supply that is repeatedly discharged/recharged ...
Where can I get support for APC and MGE Products?
Smart-UPS Accessories Smart-UPS Battery Systems

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