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acf400 Spare parts break down
Air Removal Unit ... ACF115 APC Rack Air Removal Unit SX Fan Assembly 100-240v 50/60 Hz (All 4 fans and Electronics module included) ACF136 APC Rack Air Removal Unit SX 600mm Wide Frame ACF126 Ducting Kit ... w0m-7054 AIR REMOVAL UNIT G2 REPLACEMENT FAN MODULE
ACSC1XX Spare Parts List
... List for ACSC1XX units . APC PN# ... (for baying kit ) ... BOX ASSY for DUCT KIT ACSC 5KW ... Ceiling Tile Adapter 600mm - Spare Part ... (Toshiba conversion kit ... (Toshiba conversion kit ... the water sensor kit ) ... TO TOSHIBA COMP KIT , SC, ... DIVIDER-'A' DUCT KIT ACSC 5KW 48ECT BC NKRAFT ... DIVIDER-'B' DUCT KIT ACSC 5KW 48ECT BC NKRAFT ... DRIVER BIT COMBO TORX t20/t30 (tool kit ) ... DUCTING KIT 24 INCH IR5 ... FITTING 1/8" BARB TEE (for air differential pressure switch) ... FM TOOL KIT SUB ASSY ... TUBE 6 FT 10" DIA FLEX DUCT
APC Environmental Sensors FAQ
In addition you can connect eight Air Removal Units on the A-Link.
UPDATED MARCH-2016: Unable to access my APC Network Management Card (NMC) enabled device via HTTPS (SSL/TLS)
... , Environmental Monitoring Units (ap9320, ap9340, nbrk0201), AP9921X Battery Management System, ACFXXX Rack Air Removal Unit , PDPMXXX Modular ...
Video: How do I configure APC Network Management Card network settings?
940-0103 (DB-9 to DB-9) Rack Air Removal Unit (acf400, acf402)
Does APC offer a side airflow duct kit for the Cisco Nexus 7009, 7000 9-slot switch?
cisco, 7009, side, air , airflow, duct , kit , 7000, 9-slot, switch, vent, nexus ...
Can I connect the ACSC1XX condenser ducts to any drop ceiling?
Each SC unit needs 850 CFM (1440 m3/hr) of air supplied to, and removed from, the condenser. Please
How to remove ceiling panels to access cabling on an EcoAisle
The duct system has an air -block system that can be removed with a thumbscrew.
APC Schneider Cooling Unit Identification
APC Cooling Unit identification. All Cooling Units . APC Unit Identification FM Air /Water/ ... Air Pattern Air Pattern Air Pattern Air Pattern Air Pattern Air Pattern Air Pattern Air Pattern ... T Spot or Ducted ... -5T Ducted Only D= Ducted Air Pattern D= Ducted Air Pattern D= Ducted ... Condenser/Condensing Unit (Not Current ... CN= Condensing Unit ... CM Condenser/Condensing Unit /Drycooler (Not Current) ... Air Pattern ... Air Pattern ... Air Pattern ... Air Pattern ... CU= Mainframe Chiller System (4-30 ton in Air , Water, Glycol, PreFree Cool, and ECWS) ... Air Pattern ... (Ceiling Mount Unit ) ... (Ceiling Mount Unit ) ... Air Pattern ... Air Pattern ... Air Pattern ... Air Pattern ... Air Pattern ... Air Pattern
How to set up group communications for an Network Air FM unit
... in a Network Air FM unit . Network Air FM. ... group of FM units to work together ... ... as a single unit and up to ... ... of the FM unit [Figure 1 ... connects the next unit in the group ... Please remove power from the Module at the mains input breaker ... Adjust the # of Systems to reflect the actual number of FM units in the system. ... APC recommends 4F on the Cool/Reheat and 10% on the Dehumidification/Humidification (which are defaults).

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