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Frequently Asked Questions for the new Lithium-ion Smart-UPS products.
Are Lithium-ion battery packs hot-swappable in Smart-UPS single phase UPS ?
What are the various generations of Smart-UPS Products?
... various generations of single phase Smart-UPS Products? Smart-UPS ... a variety of Smart-UPS products in use ... ... for your specific UPS . Current Products: ... generation Line Interactive Smart-UPS products ... Serial Port on UPS ) Smart -Slot for ... ... generation Line Interactive Smart-UPS products ... Voltage adaptability ( 2kva & up only ... ... Serial Port on UPS ) Smart -Slot for ... ... Level Line Interactive Smart-UPS products 1kva - 1 .5kva ... Serial Port on UPS ) No Smart -Slot ... Modular Line Interactive Smart-UPS (Similar to ... 1 .5kva - ...
How to return a Smart-UPS or Back-UPS product for Warranty Replacement.
... issue with your UPS and feel that ... All single phase UPS products ... UPS is not functioning as expected ... When shipping the UPS back to APC, it is important to perform the following steps: Make sure the Battery in the UPS is disconnected. ... If the original shipping box is unavailable make sure that the packing materials used are sufficient for the weight of the UPS . ... In the US and Canada, replacement units will ship out via ground carrier such as FedEx, UPS , or Purolator. Units replaced under an Extended Warranty ship out via standard overnight delivery.
Video: How do I replace the apcrbc140 or RBC44 battery modules in my SURT or SRT series Smart-UPS?
Slide the modules out of the UPS one by one . Be careful - They're heavy
Smart-UPS Cloud Connection Card – Configure MTP Settings
1 . Insert your Smart-UPS Cloud Connection Card into the SmartSlot in your Smart-UPS device.

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