Netbotz | Particle Sensor 120 Specifications
Placement On floor near equipment or mount on wall
StruxureWare Data Center Expert will not mount to a share using NTLM version 2
StruxureWare Data Center Expert does not support mounting to shares that require ntlmv2 authentication.
Where can I find the manuals for version 2 NetBotz appliances?
Environment: NetBotz Rack Monitor & Wall Mount 320
Data Center Expert | PDU Network Port Sharing (not-supported)
InfraStruxure Central ap8xxx APC rack mount PDU2
Data Center Expert | Getting Started
Deploying the Physical Data Center Expert Appliance Follow the installation instructions provided with the appliance for Rack Mounting and Powering the appliance.
Video: Data Center Expert | Backing up to a Windows Share
NTLM and SMB versions may prevent a windows share from being mounted . If problems are experienced, please see the troubleshooting section at the bottom.
NetBotz 300-500 Series | Password reset procedure
On a wall mount version (355/455) the reset button is on the bottom next to the USB-B port.
Data Center Expert | Remote repository data overwritten if two appliances are using the same share.
file is overwritten (which contains the MAC address of the server and mounted date).
NetBotz | End of Sale & End of Support Information
... 400c July 2005 June 2008 nbrk0750 NetBotz 320 NetBotz 320 Rack Mount July 2009 July 2014 nbrk0750 NetBotz 320 Wall Mount July 2009 July 2014 ...
NetBotz 750 | What parts come with the NetBotz 750?
Quantity Temperature/Humidity Sensor (AP9335TH) 1 Wireless temperature sensor (nbws100t) 1 Basement mount hardware kit (0M-814726) 1

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