Can I change the individual batteries inside of a Smart-UPS replacement battery cartridge?
APC Replacement Battery Cartridges are intended to be replaced as a complete unit.
Data Center Expert | How do I update incorrect UPS battery ages?
StruxureWare Data Center Expert (All Versions) APC UPS
Data Center Expert | Getting Started
... /www. apc .com/ ... ... /www. apc .com/ ... ... /www. apc .com/ ... ... /www. apc .com/ ... ... /www. apc .com/ ... ... /www. apc .com/ ... ... /www. apc .com/ ... ... /www. apc .com/ ... APC Device: snmpv1 APC Device: snmpv3 ... /www. apc .com/ ... ... /www. apc .com/ ... ... log into an APC device when launched ... ... /www. apc .com/ ... ... /www. apc .com/ ...
Data Center Expert | Application Version does not update in the UI after upgrading devices to AOS 6.4.6 and newer
After right clicking a device in DCE, the system may also not show the menu option for APC SNMP Device Configuration for specific devices. ... Launching and logging into APC devices automatically with AOS 6.4.6 and higher also may not work until the resolution below is applied. ... If you choose to proceed with uploading this file to older DCE versions, it is suggested to create a backup before adding the attached DDF file to the system in case of unforeseen circumstances.
NetBotz 700 Series | Upgrading Firmware
The most current firmware is located on the product page on APC .com within the Software and Firmware downloads section: ... Under no circumstances should a backup be made in 5.0.1 and imported into any version to which you have upgraded.
Data Center Expert | Discovering a NetBotz 200 Series Appliance
The NetBotz 200 and 250 are based on technology from the APC Network Management cards, and use snmpv1 or snmpv3 to communicate to DCE. The NetBotz 300, 400 , and 500 series units use different hardware and software and are discovered using the NetBotz Appliance (HTTP or HTTPS) within DCE, based on their individual configuration.
Data Center Expert | Discovering a NetBotz 300-500 Series Appliance
Process to discover a NetBotz 300, 400 , or 500 series appliance into StruxureWare Data Center Expert. ... APC Device: snmpv1 APC Device: snmpv3
NetBotz | Wireless Network Basics
NetBotz 400 -500 Series ... NetBotz Rack Monitor 250, 400 -500 Series, 700 Series ... End devices are powered by batteries . ... Power the end devices: To preserve battery life, do not power the end devices until after the coordinator and the routers are powered. ... For the 400 -700 series, it is recommended us to use an nbac0213l (LSZH) or nbac0213p (Plenum) USB latching repeater cable.
NetBotz TFTP upgrade/recovery procedure
1) Download the most recent firmware from apc .com for your NetBotz Appliance (355, 455, 450, 550, or 570). ... - Bits/second: 38, 400 ... Log into the appliance using a username/password of root/ apc to set the new root password and network settings on the appliance.
"Received ssh2_msg_channel_success for nonexistent channel 65536" error message using SSH with PuTTy v0.63 and higher with APC Network Management Card 1 (NMC1) devices
This may also affect versions of WinSCP and produce similar error message upon logging in to do an SCP file transfer due to the fact that SSH and SCP code for WinSCP is based on PuTTy's. Product Line Network Management Card 1 - AP9617, AP9618, AP9619

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