Data Center Expert | Remote repository data overwritten if two appliances are using the same share.
Issue Information is overwritten if two or more StruxureWare Data Center Expert servers use the same remote repository and share.
NetBotz | Pod Sharing “Add as Camera” Option Connection Issue
... Rack Access PX-HID , the remote connection cannot be established if the Add as Camera option is selected in the “Configure Remote ...
Netbotz Advanced View | Does NOT Support Radius, Active Directory or LDAP
The NetBotz Advanced View does NOT support authentication or integration with Radius, OpenLDAP, Active Directory, or any remote authentication option.
NetBotz 250 | Configuring Network Settings
Local Access to Command Line Interface Remote Access to Command Line Interface
StruxureWare Data Center Expert will not mount to a share using NTLM version 2
... but will not authenticate when attempting a backup or when using this share as a remote repository.
NetBotz v3 | Security Information
As specificed in the FTP remote server settings Not supported by FTP Telnet TCP 23 Disabled by default Network requirements are low based on user ...
Data Center Expert | Enabling SSH
SSH connections are utilized through a remote session with your local technical support to correct issues that require root access to the server.
Video: Data Center Expert | Managing Users
Editing User or User Group Access Permissions Remote Users

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