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WallBotz 500 Extended Storage System NBAS0201 Requirements and Details

Published date: 13 March 2018


WallBotz 500 Extended Storage System NBAS0201 Requirements and Details

Product Line:



NetBotz version 2 and Extended storage system NBAS0201


System requirements


The WallBotz 500 Extended Storage System (ESS) requires an external power supply (which is included). There is a license required. This can be obtained by registering the ESS on the web site. Your registration page should then show the license needed and that license can be installed into the Wallbotz 500.

The Extended Storage System must attach directly to the WallBotz 500 (do not use hubs, repeaters or extenders).

Hot plugging and unplugging of the drive are not supported. The unit should be powered off when the drive is added or removed.

If a drive is unplugged while in use, a failure alert will be sent and all configuration settings and limits will revert to the standard WB 500 settings.

Upon a reboot or restart of the WallBotz 500 with an attached Extended Storage System, unresolved alerts will be “resolved” by marking with a flag indicating that the alert was “cancelled by system restart”. Note that if the problem that triggered the alert is still present after the reboot, another alert will be generated.

This product is no longer sold or supported.

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