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After installation of my AP9361 into my SX rack, the handle gets jammed when I command it to open by the web interface or proximity card. Is this typical?
3.) Command the lock to open several times to assure no binding is occurring with the newly installed handle .
Is it possible to initiate a graceful shutdown through PCNS, triggered by an event from an Environmental Monitoring Unit ap9340?
However, if you are using a UPS that has a Network Management Card installed (AP9618/AP9619, AP9631 with ap9810 dry contacts ...
APC UPS Network Management Card (NMC) Compatibility Chart
Ships with ap9630 pre- installed in units manufactured post 2012. Older g7000 models require a special upgrade kit pre-2012 manufacture date.
What does the P N A mean on Stat section of my Network Management Card via the control console?
... the application file - the firmware file that tells the NMC what type of unit it is installed in - has failed to load for ...
What are some features I need to be aware of while manipulating the config.ini file of a APC Network Management Card?
... on the card to make changes to the options on the network card or unit it is installed in.
Operation and Installation manuals for MGE PMM & PMR power distribution units
Environment: MGE PMM & PMR power distribution management module / remote module units
Download Language Packs for 6.4 SUMX and SY APC Network Management Card Applications
Issue Need for alternative language packs for APC Network Management Cards installed in a UPS that uses the SUMX or SY application.
BMS AP9921X-AP9922 Battery Management System; high battery voltages on 40 Jar battery applications
Product line: AP9921X-AP9922 Battery Management System installed on a 40 Jar battery applications
What is the minimum distance required between mounting rails in a NetShelter SX cabinet when installing the AR7725?
Cause: Knowing the minimum distance helps customers understand how much spare room there will be in the cabinet for installing cable management or PDUs.
Why am I receiving a "serial communication lost" message from my Network Management Card?
... allocated some value, and the Symmetra has an Web/SNMP Management Card or Network Management Card installed .

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