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Symmetra PX 250/500K power module life cycle alarm

Symmetra PX 250/500K power module life cycle alarm

Product line:
Symmetra PX 250/500K

Customers may call in to request an FSR or ask how to reset the life cycle alarm on the power modules

The power modules are at end of life and are in need of replacement due to age of wearing components such as fans, capacitors, power supplies, etc. inside of the power module.
There isn’t a reset button to reset the lifecycle.  The firmware needs to be upgraded to 4.39 or newer.

FW has been released to change the type of alarm:
Symmetra PX 250-500 Intelligence Module Firmware Upgrade Version (LCM 10yrs EOL) - FSB - 001933

After FW update:
• The display notification becomes INFORMATIONAL (instead of a WARNING)
• No more audible alarm or yellow severity indicator on the display.
• Customers will still be notified that the Power Module has reached the end of its operational life and should be replaced via an Informational notice only.

It is important to note that the modules have reached their end of service life based on a calendar timer.  The power module is fully functional and remaining online, the module is not defective or failed.  The Advantage Ultra Contract doesn’t cover proactive replacement, so these module DO NOT get replaced under contract.

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