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Do the sides, roof or mounting rails of a NetShelter SX cabinet require individual grounding to the frame?

Customers question inherent grounding, or want proof of UL Certification.

Product Line:
NetShelter SX

All models, all serial numbers.

Customers want to know if the various components of the cabinet need to be grounded to the frame independently, or if there is independent certification that the additional grounding is not needed.

The side panels, roof and mounting rails of the NetShelter SX cabinets are inherently bonded to the frame per UL2416. The doors have a ground strap attached to the frame.
The SX cabinets are independently certified to the UL standard 2416 by UL and are marked with a UL label on the bottom of the frame.
Here's a link to the NetShelter SX UL2416 document, E242296: http://productspec.ul.com/document.php?id=NWIN.E242296

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