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Why doesn't my Rack PDU's network connection recover after a power outage?


My Rack PDU's network connection doesn't recover or is inaccessible after a power outage or power blip.

Product Line
  • AP7XXX Series Rack PDUs
  • AP8XXX Series Rack PDUs
  • Rack PDU type specified above connected to the network
  • Recent power outage


The onboard network card was not designed for quick off/on scenarios.


Customers protecting their PDU with a UPS, as designed, will not have this problem. All Rack PDUs should be protected by UPS power. In an unprotected environment, if the utility power flickers off and on quickly, the onboard network card may not power back on. In these instances, the PDU may power on but the LED display will be blank and any type of access (web, telnet, console) to the PDU will be disabled. On a Switched Rack PDU, this will also cause the outlets not to turn back on. In this case, you must power cycle the PDU again, by pulling the power cord, waiting at least 5 seconds, and re-applying power.

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