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Security Enhancements
APC Network Management Card has modified its security features to reflect the new internet connected device requirements.

Secure IoT

New legislation around internet connected devices require stricter security features. The increased security modifications are present in APC Network Management Card 2 firmware update v6.8.0 and above.
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Enhanced Security, What’s Changed?

Secured Interfaces

Only HTTPS, SSH and the local console port are enabled. Some interfaces require creation of associated authentication credentials before they can be enabled.
Introducing the Next Generation
Refreshed with latest technology and new features the Network Management Card 3 is here and is more powerful than ever
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Next Generation Features

Enhanced security

New advanced security features to keep your sensitive data secure with newest compliance offerings


Featuring a new processor and 1Gigabit ethernet connection

Extensive storage

Extended memory space to accommodate increased event and data log storage

Immersive Experience

APC Network Management Card 3 provides an easy-to-use, reliable remote management solution.
  • Micro USB based console
  • 100x event log and data log memory storage
  • Pre-loaded language support
  • SMTP email authentication with latest standards
Features and benefits

What is the End-of-Life support of Network Management Card 2?

The 2nd generation network management card end of sales date is December 2020. There is an additional year of support for firmware updates to reflect any further security changes.
For more information regarding product support read the End-of-Life policy document.

End-of-Life policy

Compatible devices

Which Network Management Card is compatible with my device?
The compatibility chart breaks down the pairing between UPS models and Network Management Card.

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Depending on your UPS model, the Network Management Card is embedded or pre-installed with purchase. Ensure your model includes the upgraded card by understanding the transition timeline.

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How do I know which card is installed in my device?

Upon login, the top banner on the interface specifically states which card is installed. Smart-UPS with a bundled network management card packaging also explicitly calls out which card is present.


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