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Why isn't Daylight Savings Time (DST) working properly when using custom settings and Network Time Protocol (NTP)?
... (sumx), Symmetra Single & Three Phase (sy and sy3p), Rack PDU (rpdu) and Silcon (dp3e) ...
INFORMATION BULLETIN: Potential Issue with AP8XXX series Rack Power Distribution Units with rpdu2g v6.0.9 firmware
Rack Power Distribution ... may degrade the Rack PDU functionality over time ... Rack PDU will continue to ... ... embedded device ( Rack PDU , etc) ... If your PDU is in an ... ... power cycling the Rack PDU if you have ... button on the Rack PDU display. ... access to the Rack PDU ... 940-0144 configuration cable ... -0144 serial configuration cable to the ... port at the Rack PDU . ... HyperTerminal, and configure the selected port ... ... button on the Rack PDU display (using ... ... to reboot the PDU's management interface by ...
What custom options are available for NetShelter cabinets and PDUs?
... to know our custom capabilities for NetShelter ... ... NetShelter SX, PDU ... APC PDUs in configurations other than the ... There's a page on the APC website in the NetShelter SX section, under Customization , where you can link to documents that shows many of our custom capabilities. Here you'll find links to MyNetShelter Customization , Common Request and Preconfigured Cabinets, and a Custom Rack and PDU Request Form: custom - rack -systems.jsp
How do I configure my RADIUS server to authenticate my APC Network Enabled device?
For example, APC part number ap7900 (Switched Rack PDU ) uses the same login accounts as listed in the previous example.
APC Security Advisory - Static Factory Password Vulnerability
... DC Systems Products (MX28B) aos 106 mx28 110 aos 107b mx28 110 Switched Rack PDU aos 116 rpdu 102 aos 118c rpdu 102 ...
Video: How do I configure APC Network Management Card network settings?
940-0024 or 940-1524 (DB-9 to DB-9) Rack PDU (AP78XX, AP79XX, AP84XX**
APC Switched Rack PDUs - any pending outlet commands are lost when PDU Network Management Interface is rebooted
The commands will be lost so if you need to reboot the Rack PDU to apply configuration changes or reboot manually for another reason, ...
"No metering outlets detected" or "Lost Communication" error(s) on standalone AP84XX or AP86XX Metered By Outlet Rack PDUs
All firmware versions PDU standalone configurations (not using Network Port Sharing)
Rack PDU 2G (AP8XXX) Network Port Sharing Information
Because of the large number of configuration values possible in a Rack PDU group, it may take a very long time to process an ...

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