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Video: How to set up load assist on a Uniflair unit.

Published date: 18 July 2020

How to set up load assist on a Uniflair unit.
Product line:
Uniflair Gen 1 and Chilled Water Units.
Uniflair units with push button displays and all Uniflair Chilled Water Units.
Install, Repair, Maintenance.
These are the instructions on how to set up a Uniflair unit to turn on for load assist. Load assist in a Uniflair united is referred to as Sleep Mode. We need to make the proper adjustments to make the unit come on as needed. This operation will only work with two or more units and they must be grouped together.

Press PRG on the display.
Press ENTER on Setting Menu.
If asked for a pass code 0000 and then ENTER.
Press ENTER on Operative Settings.
Press the ARROW unit you get to Sleep Mode Settings.
Press ENTER to change it from N to Y.
Press ENTER to set Min Temp.
(This is the temp you want the load assist to stop)
Press the ARROW to change Temp.
Press ENTER to move to Max Temp.
(This is the temp you want the unit to turn on and help)
Press the ARROW to change Temp.
Do the same for Humidity settings.
Then press ENTER to go to Fan Cyclical Start.
Use the ARROWS to change to Y.
Now you have a new line for Cycle Time Min
(This allows the fans to run to keep the air moving after temp or humidity has activated load assist)
Press ENTER to get to the top of the Screen.

Press ESC till you get back to the main menu.

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