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"""Canvas Does Not Allow Drawing"" error with InfraStruXure Manager version 4.x"

"If you install the ISX Graphical User Interface (GUI) on a client machine that has a default printer, and the user who is logged in and installing/running the ISX client doesn't have access to the default printer then the GUI will pop up multiple ""Canvas does not allow drawing"" errors until the client is completely loaded. This is because the reporting functions within ISX Manager attempt to access the default printer's settings in order to know how to format the reports for printing.

The solution is to either grant access to the default printer for the user running ISX Manager or delete the printer. If you grant access to the printer, the reporting utilities will configure fonts and reports for the printer. If the printer is deleted, ISX will format the reports for the selected display properties. In other words, if that printer is removed, the ISX client will format its reports optimized for the screen which may effect the quality of the printed report.

If you are running the ISX manager client, and install a local printer on the ISX manager client machine, ISX manager will not automatically realize the presence of this printer. When you attempt to access a log or report, you will get the error : 'Canvas does not allow drawing'. After you close out the error the report and/or log does load.

The user will need to reboot the client machine to get the ISX manager client to recognize the local printer."
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