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CDU Spare Parts List
... 825-0035b Header 2" Fdu ... m-0002 Header 2" Fdu ... m-0001 Header Return Cdu ( ... ... m-61335 Header Return Cdu ( ... ... m-61144a Header Supply Cdu ( ... ... m-61334 Header Supply Cdu ( ... ... -0887 Key Door Netshelter 870- ... For Door ... 5006b Side Panel 42u X 1070mm Blk Sx Rohs Qty. ... ) 875-4306 Valve Teck bun10 Union Plug Solid Brass 3" Npt (Plug For Union Header
KIT DOOR CRV POWERVIEW 42U 600mm SX (BLK KEY) ... w0h-0128 KIT DOORS SPLIT PERF 42U 600mm BLK SX (Rack) ...
Are 23" mounting rails available for NetShelter SX cabinets?
For customers who already own a 42U 750mm wide SX cabinet with 19" mounting rails (ar3150 or ar3350) we offer sku ar7510 ...
Do the NetShelter SX 12U and 18U cabinets have the standard SX roof, or are they different?
The roofs are not the same as the 42U and taller NetShelter SX cabinets.
What are the dimensions of the door handle cutout on the NetShelter SX?
The dimensions of the NetShelter SX door handle cutout are: (H) 150 mm x (W) 25.5 mm. ...
Can ar7580a be installed into the 45U NetShelter SX?
Issue: We need to determine if the 42U finger-style vertical cable managers will fit into a 45U NetShelter SX cabinet.
Can the vertical cable management fingers for 600mm wide NetShelter cabinets be installed into 750mm wide NetShelter cabinets?
In the SX cabinets a better choice may be the ar7580a ( 42U ), AR7585 (45U) or AR7588 (48U) because ...
What is the Active Flow Control of an EcoAisle System and what Cooling System are compatible.
- The active flow controller was designed for various mounting methods in the door header , in a duct or mounted in a U space ...
What is the exact placement of the cutouts on NetShelter SX mounting rails?
netshelter, rail, hole, holes, pma, 42u , 45u, 48u, 600 mm, 750 mm, 600mm, 750mm ...

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