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NetBotz 700 Series | Motion alerts in DCE do not contain camera images

Published date: 16 July 2020

NetBotz 750/755 Motion alerts in DCE do not contain camera images

Product Line
NetBotz 700 Series
- NetBotz Wall Monitor 755 (NBWL0755)
- NetBotz Rack Monitor 750 (NBRK0750)

StruxureWare DCE (Version 7.7 and above)
NBRK0750 or NBWL0755 (Version 5.2 firmware)
NBPD0165 Camera Pod 

NetBotz 750 / 755 devices are discovered as SNMP devices and as such, their alerts in DCE are treated as any other SNMP device would be.


With StruxureWare DCE 7.7 and NetBotz "Botzware" (firmware) version 5.2 surveillance is enabled. If a camera motion alert is sent to DCE (or another alert configured to capture images), the images will show up in the surveillance view. If the camera is also configured for surveillance at the same time, these images will be merged by DCE. The images will not appear in the alert window of the monitoring pane the way previous NetBotz alerts would contain images.

Please note that the NetBotz 165 camera pod must be enabled for surveillance to show these images.
Please also note that the images will in no way be directly linked to the alert, you will need to search for the images based on the timeframe of the known alert.

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