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Smart-UPS On-Line 2.2/3kVA with Li-Ion batteries reports "Battery Pack Incompatible"

Issue: Smart-UPS On-Line 2.2/3kVAkVA with Li-Ion batteries reports "Battery Pack Incompatible" when XBP48RM2U-LI battery pack is connected.



Resolution: This is addressed in UPS firmware version 15.3.

If there are any 1U XBP48RM1U2 battery packs available to connect to the UPS, follow the below steps before updating the UPS firmware:

1. Disconnect any 2U XBP48RM2U-LI battery packs from the system.
2. Leave any 1U XBP48RM1U2-LI battery packs connected to the system.
3. Update the UPS firmware to the latest version. Refer to FA16473, FA279197 or FA170679 ​​​​​​​ to update the UPS firmware.
4. Reconnect any 2U XBP48RM2U-LI battery packs to the system.

If there are no 1U XBP48RM1U2 battery packs available to connect to the UPS, contact your local APC Tech Support ​​​​​​​to obtain a replacement SRT2200UXI-LI or SRT3000UXI-LI UPS power module that has firmware UPS 15.3 or higher.

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