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UPS BVX2200LI-IN is giving less back up/runtime ?

Possible cause: Battery completely drained/ Battery ended its service life.
1. Check whether UPS drops the load instantaneously as soon as the power fails;
2. Check for the details on the recent power failure;
3. Did the UPS get sufficient time to charge the batteries check for the recent power outage;
4. Check how old is this unit, as the battery age/consumption increases battery backup time decreases.
5. Check for the frequency of power outage, due to frequent power failure battery may not have charged fully.                                                                                                                                                                                          After checking all the above points do cold start without any load and check if UPS is going on to the battery, if the cold start is passed, then add load one by one and check whether still, the UPS is running on battery.
Start the UPS on Battery i.e. Cold Start the UPS: Press the ON button, if you hear a beep and output is coming from UPS, then cold start is passed; If you hear only beep and no output, then the battery is deep discharged ask the customer to charge the UPS and then Switch ON.
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