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What do if there is "HOT" error code on display for Easy UPS SRV5KRIL-IN

Probable cause:

Temperature of the unit is rising above the set limits.

Possible Solution: 

1. Disconnect non-essential equipment from the Easy-UPS to reduce the Easy-UPS load.
2. Maintain operating temperature between 0° to 40°C at full load and 40° to 50°C linearly derated to 75% of load.
3. Do not operate UPS where there is excessive dust or where the temperature or humidity are outside specified limits.
4. Do manual restart of UPS by switching off the output, disconnecting battery cable at the rear panel, turning off the input power supply and reconnecting the battery cable and input, this should make fault to be cleared.

In case if error persist even after trying the above troubleshooting, log the complaint. 

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