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What do if there is EPO Error in the Easy UPS model SRV5KRIL-IN

Probable cause:

Emergency power off has been triggered by the customer or a false alarm due to UPS malfunction.

Possible Solution:

Navigate to the ‘Control’ option in the display through the main menu, select 'UPS', select third option ‘clear the fault log’ and enter, it will ask for a confirmation, select ‘yes’, this should make fault to be cleared and red led disappear.

If in case fault continues with the red led lit, do manual restart of UPS by switching off the output, disconnecting battery cable at the rear panel, turning off the input power supply and reconnecting the battery cable and input.

Inform customer to operate EPO only in case of an emergency, operating EPO inappropriately will lead to the loss of data/assets, and Schneider will not be responsible.

If EPO is not configured at the customer site, it is a wrong/false alarm, try the above troubleshooting steps, if troubleshooting is not success, log the complaint.

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