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How to connect contacts to the InfraStruXure PDU(PD60H5HK1) monitoring unit ?

Published date: 08 July 2020

Connect contacts to the InfraStruXure PDU(PD60H5HK1) monitoring unit :

1. Choose one or more contact numbers on the user connection plate to which you will connect the
contacts. The user connection plate connects to the User/EPO port on the PDU monitoring
2. From the PDU display interface:
a. Press the ESC or ENTER key to go to the top-level menu screen.
b. Select Contacts on the top-level menu screen, and press the ENTER key.
c. Select Contact Inputs (or Relay Outputs) and press the ENTER key to display the contact
inputs (or relay outputs) screen. 
d. Select Contact In and press the ENTER key to select the number of the contact you are
connecting. The continue arrow will appear next to the contact number.
e. Press the Up or Down arrow key to select the appropriate contact number, and press the
ENTER key.
f. Press the Down arrow key to enter a unique Name for the contact and to configure the
Normal state of the contact (Open or Closed). The default Normal state is Open. Press the
ENTER key to select the item you wish to configure.

Note : You will be prompted for your password to configure these items

3. Connect contact wires (300V-rated cabling required) to the User Contacts terminal block on
the user connection plate. You will need a 2.5-mm standard screwdriver.
4. Run the wires from the terminal block out the roof or under the floor of the PDU to your
contactís location

Warning : Ensure that wires are properly retained and away from high voltage lines
and breakers.

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