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Video: How to set the sensitivity in Back-UPS BR1000G-IN / BR1500G-IN ?

Published date: 27 June 2020

Important Note: 
a. Ensure that the Back-UPS is Off but connected to utility power.
b. Ensure that the Load's are not connected with the Back-UPS

Step 1 : Press and hold the Power button untill the Load graph starts flashing sequentially,This indicates that the unit is in Programming mode.
Step 2 : Press the Power button again immediately to rotate through the menu options.
There are totally 5 bars in the Load Graph. If first load graph bar flashes , Unit is set to Low sensitivity - 150-300 Vac 
If First three load graph bar flashes , Unit is set to Medium sensitivity (Default) - 170-294 Vac
If All the load graph bar flashes , Unit is set to High sensitivity - 170-288 Vac

Step 3 : Stop at selected Sensitivity .The Back-UPS will beep to confirm the selection.

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