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How to do Port ID numbering in AP5202 ?

Follow the below steps :

Each computer port on a Analog KVM Switch system has a unique
assigned Port ID. The Port ID includes two parts: a Station Number and a
Port Number.
ï Station NumberóA two-digit number indicating the switch's position in
the cascading sequence. The Station Number corresponds to the
number displayed on the front panel Station ID LED. The Station
Number precedes the Port Number. ** For the AP5201 8-port KVM, this number will always be 01. ï Port NumberóA two-digit number indicating the corresponding
connection port on the switch station.
Station and Port numbers 1 through 9 include a leading zero and display as
01 through 09. For example, a computer attached to Port 6 of Station 12
has a Port ID of 12-06.
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