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How to Activate Hot Key Mode in AP5201 model ?

Published date: 11 July 2020

Follow the below steps :
To activate or deactivate Hot Key mode, press NUM LOCK and the hyphen (-) key at the same time. **Release the hyphen (-) key within 1/2 second. Otherwise Hot
Key activation stops and has no effect. When Hot Key mode is active, the following changes occur:
ï Caps Lock and Scroll Lock LEDs flash in succession. These stop flashing and return to their normal status after you exit Hot Key mode.
ï The screen displays HotKey: and all subsequent keyed-in Hot Key information.
ï Ordinary keyboard and mouse function have no effect. You can input only keystrokes that are compliant with Hot Keys (as described in the following sections).
Press ESC to exit Hot Key mode. 
Hot Keys Operation: Hot Keys allow you to use keyboard sequences that perform a variety of actions for Analog KVM Switch operations. This chapter provides information about each Hot Key operation and instructions for using the Hot Key port controls.

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