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How to do Remote access to the control console in PDPM72F-5U ?

Follow the below steps :

You can access the control console through Telnet or Secure SHell (SSH). Telnet is enabled by default.
Enabling SSH disables Telnet.
To enable or disable these access methods:
• In the Web interface, on the Administration tab, select Network on the top menu bar, and then
the access option under Console on the left navigation menu.
• In the control console, use the Telnet/SSH option of the Network menu.
Telnet for basic access. Telnet provides the basic security of authentication by user name and
password, but not the high-security benefits of encryption.
To use Telnet to access the control console:
1. From a computer on the same network as the NMC, at a command prompt, type telnet and the
System IP address for the NMC (for example, telnet, when the NMC uses
the default Telnet port of 23), and press ENTER.
If the NMC uses a non-default port number (from 5000 to 32768), you must include a colon or
a space, depending on your Telnet client, between the IP address (or DNS name) and the port
2. Enter the user name and password (by default, apc and apc for an Administrator, or device and
apc for a Device User).
SSH for high-security access. If you use the high security of SSL for the Web interface, use Secure
SHell (SSH) for access to the control console. SSH encrypts user names, passwords and transmitted data.
The interface, user accounts, and user access rights are the same whether you access the control console
through SSH or Telnet, but to use SSH, you must first configure SSH and have an SSH client program installed on your computer.

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