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How to Upgrade a Single Main Module,Firmware upgrade tool in Netbotz 200 ?

Published date: 08 June 2020

Upgrading your Main Module requires you to transfer the latest firmware obtained from
the APC Web site to your Main Module. To upgrade the firmware of one Main Module,
use one of the following methods.
• For a Main Module that is on your network:
– From a networked computer running a Microsoft Windows operating system, use
the firmware upgrade tool, included as part of the download from the APC Web
site. (See Firmware upgrade tool.)
– From a networked computer on any supported operating system, use FTP (FTP) or
SCP (Secure CoPy (SCP)).
• For a Main Module that is not on your network, use XMODEM with a serial
connection (Secure CoPy (SCP)).1. Download the latest firmware release for your NetBotz Rack Monitor 200
(NBRK0200) from
2. Make a note of the IP address of the Main Module. To view the IP address, from
the Administration tab, click Network, then TCP/IP.
3. Create a directory to which you will extract the files.
4. Double-click the file you downloaded from the APC Web site and follow the
prompts to extract the files to the folder created in the previous step and then to
upgrade your Main Module. The upgrade tool starts automatically

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