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How to do Configuring event actions by group in Netbotz 200 ?

Published date: 08 June 2020

To configure a group of events simultaneously:
1. Select the Administration tab, Notification on the top menu bar, and by
group under Event Actions on the left navigation menu.
2. Choose how to group events for configuration:
• Choose Grouped by severity, and then select all events of one or more severity
levels. You cannot change the severity of an event.
• Choose Grouped by category, and then select all events in one or more
pre-defined categories.
3. Click Next>> to move from page to page to do the following:
a. Select event actions for the group of events.
• To choose any action except Logging (the default), you must first have at
least one relevant recipient or receiver configured.
• If you choose Logging and have configured a Syslog server, select Event
Log or Syslog (or both) on the next page.
b. Select whether to leave the newly configured event action enabled for this group
of events or to disable the action.

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