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How to Configure the number of battery strings using NMC terminal mode in Smart-UPS SRC1000ICCIND / SRC1000UXIND ?

Published date: 28 May 2020

Connect the serial cable to the serial com port on rear side of UPS.
1. Open a terminal program, such as HyperTerminal™.
From the Desktop, go to: Start, Programs, Accessories, Communication, HyperTerminal
2. Follow the prompts to choose a name and select an icon. If the message, "...must install a modem,” click
3. Go to File, Properties. Select the COM port that is connected to your UPS. The port settings are:
– bits per second - 2400
– data - bits 8
– parity - none
– stop bit - 1
– flow control - none
4. Click OK in each of two windows
5. Press ENTER to initiate connection to UPS.

1. Once the blank terminal window is open:
2. Press ENTER to initiate terminal mode. Press ENTER multiple times, until the prompt
User Name: is displayed. Follow the prompts. Type slowly, waiting until each character appears on the
screen prior to typing the next character.
Network Management Card defaults:
– User Name: apc
– Password: apc
3. Press 1 and ENTER to select Device Manager.
Select the model by entering the corresponding number, then press ENTER.
4. Press 3 and ENTER to select Configuration.
5. Press 1 and ENTER to select Battery.
6. Press 2 and ENTER to change Battery Settings.
7. Type in the number of battery strings then press ENTER.
8. Press 3 and ENTER to accept the changes.
9. Press ESC five times to return to the main menu.
10. Press 4 and ENTER to log out.

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