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Sustainability is at the core of our purpose, culture, and business. As the most local of global companies, we have a role and an obligation to help make the world more sustainable and inclusive. By keeping sustainability at the forefront of our business, we want to empower all to make the most of their energy and resources.

Schneider Electric Sustainability School

Prepare to thrive in the New Electric World! Our school will help you understand why sustainability is a business priority, how to take action as a company, and how to leverage sustainability know-how to win new business.
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Offer Sustainable performance

The Green Premium ecolabel is a mark of strong sustainable performance. Use Green Premium certified products to make your enterprise more competitive and differentiate your offer from the competition.

With Green Premium solutions you get:

  • Complete environmental information such as Product Environmental Profiles (PEP) and end-of-life instructions
  • Compliance with stringent environmental regulations e.g., RoHS, REACh for greater peace of mind
  • Strong business performance with optimized use of natural resources, lower cost of ownership
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Boost your efficiency with the Design Portal

As our partner, you get access to the Design Portal, where you can create complete IT solutions, configure them and quote easily. You can:

  • Prioritize sustainability by designing for longevity and serviceability
  • Remotely design efficient IT systems that are easy to replicate
  • Offer your customers innovative products that are compliant with environmental regulations
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Modernized DCIM to maximize resources, operational efficiency and meet sustainability targets.

Offer more trusted services and expand your business with EcoStruxure IT, the most comprehensive Data Center Infrastructure Management software for designing, managing, and monitoring IT spaces.

  • Track PUE, energy and carbon
  • Measure energy efficiency down to sub-system level
  • Optimize energy usage
  • Automate energy reporting
  • Deliver both standard and customized reports and dashboards
  • Avoid unnecessary trips onsite
The DCIM 3.0 Challenge
Schneider Electric Sustainability Impact Awards for Partners Promo Banner

We want to recognize and reward you for being sustainable.

Show us how you’re making operations or customer projects more sustainable. You could be the winner of our Sustainability Impact Award!
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