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What to do if PowerChute Network shutdown configuration wizard displays blank Network Configuration page?

After installing PowerChute Network Shutdown when the configuration wizard runs the PowerChute Setup: Network Configuration page display is blank.

PowerChute Network Shutdown version 3.1

All supported Windows OS

Corruption in pcnsconfig.ini


We recommend uninstalling PCNS 3.1 and installing PCNS 4.2

If continuing with PCNS 3.1

1 - stop PowerChute service
Open command prompt as administrator and type net stop PCNS1

2 - Open pcnsconfig.ini using wordpad or notepad
The default path to pcnsconfig.ini is C:\Program Files\APC\PowerChute\group1

3 - Enter the system ip information to [Networking] localHostAddress = for IP v4 or UnicastAddress = for IP v6

protocol = https
httpPort = 3052
httpsPort = 6547
NetworkConfig = IPV4
ESXiVirtualInstall = false
HyperVVirtualInstall =
MulticastAddress =
IPv6NetworkConfig = unicast
localHostAddress = 192.168.1.X
UnicastAddress =

4 - Add user name, password, and NMC IP information to [NetworkManagementCard]

mode = single
IP_1 = 192.168.0.X
port = 80
protocol = http
enrolWithNMC = true
acceptCerts = false
username = apc
password = apc

NOTE: user name and password are not visible. You need to enter username = along with password =. This information will be read and deleted from the ini file when the service is started. See Knowledge Base document FA159758 for assistance with PCNS user name and password. If port has been changed from 80 and protocol has been changed they will need to be adjusted accordingly.

5 - Restart PowerChute service
from command prompt type net start PCNS1

6 - After restarting PCNS1 service log into PCNS web page and select Shutdown Settings to complete the configuration.

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