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EPW9 APC ISX EPO Actuator Switch; product specifications and installation

EPW9 APC ISX EPO Actuator Switch; product specifications and installation
Product line:
EPW9 APC ISX EPO Actuator Switch
All models, all serial numbers
The wall mount assembly consists of a mechanical actuator which switches 9 sets of normally open contacts. Eight of the contacts are rated for 24V and intended to connect across the “Dry Contact-Normally Open” EPO signal terminals of an InfraStruXure power and cooling base building block. The ninth contact is rated for 240V and can be used to shunt trip an external device such as a breaker.
The EPW9 may cascaded as many as needed to provide the required number of actuation points (one located at each exit), with use of CAT-5 Ethernet cable. The cascading cables parallel the contacts of actuator switch so that any one can EPO all connected devices (up to eight in total).
See the Installation Manual for the EPW9 for complete installation instructions (990-1611A) attached below.
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