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How to replace an actuator on a Network Air FM unit


This dcoument describes how to replace an actuator on a Network Air FM unit. 

Product line: 
Network Air FM. IR40, ACFM. 

All Serial Numbers.   

Install actuator. 



Valve Actuators


Locate the valve actuators



Valve actuator service

  1. Remove power to the Module at the mains.


  1. Open the left and right front doors, and remove the center door.

  1. Verify that power is removed.

Condenser fluid valve (water regulating)
1. Completely close the valve so that the arrow points to zero.

a. Press and hold the switch on the left side of the actuator to release the valve shaft.

b. Use a wrench to close the valve.

2. Loosen the two 10 mm nuts securing the actuator to the valve shaft.

  1. Disconnect the electrical connection to the actuator.


4. Pull the actuator up and off the shaft.

5. Reverse this procedure to install the new actuator. Be careful to set the new actuator to the closed position. See step 1.

Remove the MultiCool/Economizer valve

To access the MultiCool/Economizer valve actuator, first remove the condenser fluid valve actuator and the actuator shaft bracket. 1. Use an 8 mm wrench to remove the three bolts that secure the
actuator shaft bracket to the valve body of the coil fluid valve.


2. Pull the actuator shaft bracket and actuator forward and off the valve body.

3. Remove the MultiCool/Economizer valve actuator. See .Condenser fluid valve (water regulating). on page 12 for directions. It may be necessary to remove the entire actuator/bracket assembly, depending on the Module configuration. 

Modules equipped with Economizer coils use 3-way valves.

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