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Single Phase Symmetra UPS reports a Battery Discharged message


Single phase Symmetra PowerView display reports "Battery discharged" or network management card reports "The battery power is too low to support the load; if power fails, the UPS will be shut down immediately"

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Symmetra Power Array
Symmetra RM
Symmetra LX


All serial ranges.


This message occurs when the estimated runtime is within 2 minutes of the low battery duration setting.  This could mean that the low battery duration has been set too high by the user, or the runtime estimate is low.


If the runtime estimate is accurate, it could be that the low battery duration setting has been configured too high by the user.  This setting is configured for 2 minutes by default but can be changed depending on the amount of time needed to gracefully shutdown your servers when using PowerChute Network Shutdown (PCNS).  Check this value to ensure that it is at the desired setting based on the expected amount of runtime for your configuration.  If graceful shutdown software is not used, this setting can remain at its default of 2 minutes.

If the runtime estimate is lower than expected, this could be a result of aging batteries or batteries that are not yet fully charged (still charging up after an outage or self-test, for example).  This could also be a sign that the batteries are weak and will soon require replacement.

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